Getting to know the Bible better

The Bible is a book that has influenced the whole course of history, and continues to influence millions of people today. It is the book through which God speaks to you.

However, it is a book that many people find hard to read. It can be frustrating, confusing, boring or simply overwhelming. In this course, you will learn how to start reading the Bible for yourself, so that its ancient message is exciting and relevant to you today.


  1. Introducing the Bible
  2. Starting to read the Bible
  3. The origin and history of the Bible
  4. Reasons to believe the Bible
  5. Bible prophecy
  6. A consistent message
  7. Bible study tools
  8. Case study: The kingdom of God

Download the notes as a single pdf file.

Getting to Know the Bible Better (2006, Dandenong Bible Education Centre). This is a set of notes for an eight-week course. Previous versions of the course have appeared under other names including “Bible Discovery Course”, “Learn to read the Bible effectively” and “Bible reading for beginners”. The first version appeared in 1989.